Make puzzle storage simple and easy.

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Puzzle Roll Up

Puzzle Roll Up is a superb quality Puzzle mat in which you can safely and quickly store your unfinished puzzles. Our Jigsaw Puzzle Mat makes putting a jigsaw puzzle away a cinch and provides everything you could wish for to keep your puzzles safe and sound.

When used with our inflatable puzzle roll, your jigsaws are safely stored away whether you're in the middle of building them or just looking for a way how to safely store the jigsaws

When you are ready to get back to the building, just pull out the roll lay it on the table or floor, and unfold it to the size of the mat. It's a quick, clean, compact, and easy solution for puzzle storage.

1x Felt Mat 1050 x 750 mm
1x Inflatable roll 850 x 110 mm
3 x Fastening Straps
1x Mini Inflator Hand Pump
1x Protection storage bag

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